Illuminate 2023 is the event aiming, not only to delve into topics related to technological innovation and IT together with international leaders and speakers, it gives its participants networking opportunities and the chance to build important connections with IAMCP managements, Microsoft Italia and worldwide, public entities, Universities, IT companies and, mainly, between Microsoft partners.
The event allows participants to share their knowledge and experiences in the field of digital transformation, organizations development and human capital increase as well.

Illuminate is the annual international event organised by the International Association of Microsoft Channel Partners (IAMCP) for its EMEA members, Microsoft partners, distributors, all the companies using Microsoft information technologies and experts in digital transformation with the aim to accelerate the process, promote networking, inform and train on the latest technological innovations, fostering a cooperation across various sectors of economy.

After last year's Portuguese stage, IAMCP has chosen Italy as the host country for this year's event. Illuminate will take place on 5th-6th-7th June 2023 in the presence of about 400 participants from 20 countries.

The three days will provide for:

  • the main stage, titled “Partner Microsoft, how to improve both collaboration and business
  • 6 parallel educational paths:
    Public Administration digitalization and Smart Cities
    Cloud and Hybrid Cloud
    Innovative technologies (Blockchain, IoT)"
    AI and cognitive services
    Cybersecurity, the challenges of security in the IT sector”.
    Digital Compliance: regulations in digital markets”.

Also, an in-depth discussion on: "Chat GPT and AI ", "The Evolution of Mixed Reality" and "Inclusive Leadership, Mindfulness and Wellbeing" and D&I Expert Talks & Interactive Sessions on the “Workforce of the Future – The Foundations of Inclusive Leadership”.