A city that will surprise you with its artistic beauties, its churches, its archaeological sites and its natural parks.
An enchanting city in southern Italy and capital of the province of Lecce, in the Apulia region, the easternmost province of Italy, between the Adriatic and Ionian seas.
Its foundation dates back to the Messapian period. The amphitheater and the theater are the symbol of a flourishing city in Roman times and still shine in the streets of the old town.The Baroque churches, mainly Santa Croce and San Matteo, make Lecce the Southern Florence for its works of art.

Lecce's captivating beauty extends beyond its architectural wonders: de facto the vibrant cultural scene along with its rich gastronomy contribute to the city's allure.
Explore the local cuisine, enjoy traditional delicacies like pasticciotto or a "caffè leccese", and experience the lively festivals showing Lecce's lively spirit, while strolling through its picturesque alleys. Lecce promises an unforgettable journey into the heart of Southern Italy.

location all'aperto a Lecce


faraglioni di Sant'Andrea

Lecce is the heart of Salento, a sub-peninsula sometimes described as the "heel" of the Italian "boot".
Salento is home to some of Italy's loveliest towns and cities: the sea-front fortified gems of Gallipoli and Otranto, the creamy baroque sophistication of Lecce and the luxurious seaside Liberty pleasures of Leuca.

Puglia’s inhabitants still take a lively interest in their traditions and local feast days. They keep alive the tradition of the ‘pizzica’, folk music and dance.

pizzica tradizione salentina

Salento is an holiday destination with a great climate, dreamy beaches, beautiful historic towns, delicious food and wine and music.


In addition to its cultural and natural treasures, Salento boasts a vibrant wine scene. The region is renowned for its rich and flavorful wines, such as the full-bodied Primitivo and the refreshing Negroamaro. Indulging in a wine tasting tour is a must-do experience, allowing you to savor the unique terroir and craftsmanship of Salento's vineyards.


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